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sealos scp

copy local file to remote on all node.

sealos scp [flags]


copy file to default cluster: default
sealos scp "/root/aa.txt" "/root/dd.txt"
specify the cluster name(If there is only one cluster in the $HOME/.sealos directory, it should be applied. ):
sealos scp -c my-cluster "/root/aa.txt" "/root/dd.txt"
set role label to copy file:
sealos scp -c my-cluster -r master,slave,node1 "cat /etc/hosts"
set ips to copy file:
sealos scp -c my-cluster --ips "/root/aa.txt" "/root/dd.txt"


  -c, --cluster-name string   submit one cluster name (default "default")
-h, --help help for scp
--ips strings ssh ips list on node
-r, --roles string set role label to roles

Options inherited from parent commands

      --cluster-root string   cluster root directory (default "/var/lib/sealos")
--debug enable debug logger


  • sealos - simplest way install kubernetes tools.
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