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sealos build

build an cloud image from a Kubefile

sealos build [flags] PATH


sealos build -t labring/kubernetes:v1.24.0 .


      --basic-auth           pull image auth policy,default is token auth
-h, --help help for build
-f, --kubefile string kubefile filepath (default "Kubefile")
-m, --max-pull-procs int maximum number of goroutines for pulling (default 5)
--platform string set the OS/ARCH/VARIANT of the image to the provided value instead of the current operating system and architecture of the host (for example linux/arm) (default "linux/arm64")
-t, --tag string tagged name to apply to the built image

Options inherited from parent commands

      --cluster-root string   cluster root directory (default "/var/lib/sealos")
--debug enable debug logger


  • sealos - simplest way install kubernetes tools.
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